Jumat, 23 Mei 2014

Public Transport

Sufficient public transport facility indicates how developed a country is.
If workers reach their office just in few minutes, they can live in suburbs, instead of towns.
Besides that, it contributes an important role in order to save our environment.

One of the classical problems in a developing country is the high population density in its capital city. It's true as once said, "There are ants, where there sugar is". People always want getting more money to increase their life quality. Thus they look for job in big cities and the capital city is mostly a good choice. They move in the city. Afterwards the city is being crowded and traffic jams aren't avoidable.
As the government we aren't supposed to blame those people. One of the best solutions is the public transport. Moving together as a group will reduce the number of traffic jams. Furthermore, they must not live in the middle of town, but perhaps in suburb, due to rapid transport facility to town.

Public transport is able to save our environment as well. The emission of CO2 gas leads to the global warming. Driving own cars or motorcycles means resulting more CO2 gas in the world. On the one hand however, sometimes it is really necessary to use them. But, does each of us do need them everyday for our daily activities?
In fact, as workers we have almost the same daily activities: go to work in the morning, stay in the office during the worktime and go home in the evening. Neither cars nor motorcycles are used during the worktime. Thus why should we not try to use public transport together instead?

From the reasons above, we can draw a conclusion that the installation of good public transport facility is crucial for our developing country.

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