Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Internasionalisasi Statusisasi.. (Keep Learning)

Internasionalisasi Statusisasi Masyarakat Kota Salatiga..!

Aku mengambil kata-kata ini dari seorang sahabatku..
.. walaupun sahabatku ini pasti tidak setuju sih kalau aku ini kurang ter-sifilis-sasi ..

Dipikir-pikir aku belum pernah menulis satu artikel apapun in English ya..
Okay, aku akan coba tulis..!

What skills do you need to succeed in 21st century?
1. Keep learning
- Ten years ago, there was nobody that use smartphones and social media to reach new customers.
- In the past, you just asked your uncle to get you a job in his company.
--> Do the success people in this century still do like they did in the past?
- Business guru Heinz Landau suggests that we spending 10% of our time on personal improvement
a. Learning a language
b. Learning a new computer programme, etc.
- As somebody once said, "if you work hard on your job, you can make a living. but if you work hard on your self, you can make a fortune"
 --> This sentence recalls my memory about what my teacher said in the highschool:
"if you "easy" on the world, the world will be hard on you"
"but if you "hard" on yourself, the world will be easy on you"
- Mr. Cecep Iskandar, one of the Biology Teacher of SMA Taruna Nusantara -

2. Don't be afraid of failure
3. Learn how to manage your time
4. Be discreet!
5. Build up a social network

inspirated by: Henry Cottam's course material
(don't know what book that he uses)

to be continued..